Rogue traders don’t just call the once!

We have always advised, and will continue to do so, not to deal with uninvited traders that knock on your door.

We have had reports recently that some victims are being repeatedly targeted, sometimes by the same trader.

One good news story that came to light yersterday was via a call to us from a Surrey Police Officer who was at the home of two elderly residents in Horley who had been victims of a rogue trader about a year ago and had just been visited again by them asking for their paperwork. Thankfully the PC knew excatly how to deal with the situation as she had attended a “brilliant training course” by one of our officers.

This shows that:

  1. The residents knew to call the Police as they suspected something was wrong
  2. The PC knew how to deal with the situation, including sharing the details with us due to brilliant partnership working between Surrey Trading Standards and Surrey Police
  3. The rogue traders didn’t get what they came for!

Remember to say NO to uninvited traders!

You can always pick up a ‘sticker pack’, effectively turing your home in to a No Cold Calling Zone! You can find out more details here

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